Frequent questions

How to buy?

Add the pieces you wish to purchase to your shopping cart by clicking on buy. When your order is complete, click on "Checkout", where you will fill in your personal shipping information and then you will be presented with the payment method through Mercado Pago. 

In how much time will my request be delivered?

Once you have completed your order, the order takes 1 to 4 business days to process, and once it leaves our warehouse between 2 to 3 business days to reach your hands. If you have a problem, write to us LThe tracking guide will be sent to your email so you can track the package. 

Shipping cost

Shipping costs $130 MXN to the entire Mexican Republic.
When you buy three pairs of earrings your shipping is free.

Are the earrings very heavy?

It varies depending on each model, but the material with which they are made is extremely light, ideal for large earrings! You can ask us directly the specific weight of each model.

Can my earrings break?

Yes. Like any piece of clay, they can break if dropped, crushed, or hit against something. But they're more durable than you might think, especially with a little love and care. See the care instructions for tips on how to store your earrings, clean them, and travel.

Can my earrings get dirty?

Yes. Makeup and dirt can stain them, but light dirt can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water. See care instructions.

What happens if my earrings break?

Accidents happen! Broken parts can usually be replaced. Depending on the parts, repairs/replacements cost between $90-$130 Mexican pesos. You will need to send us an email to with a photo, and we will follow up with the available options. We ask for your patience, we try to send it as soon as possible, however it may take a few extra days.


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